Handling updates to a live project

I’m just thinking a little bit down the line for my project. I plan on releasing my project in a series of build updates, so I can add future levels, while allowing people to explore the levels I have finished.

The Epic Games launcher seems have the kind of functionality I’m looking for, in terms of how it performs regular updates to itself.

I plan on hosting my files in the cloud somewhere, then have my game look for / or sync files from that location prior to launching.

Does anyone have plans to do the same, and if so how are you thinking of achieving it?

Make a launcher (in visual studio for example or in some other program) that checks for file updates. Epic Games use a launcher to update their files

Thanks Innos,

What would you do for the file updating itself, would have the launcher run a program to do the file transferring, like rsync or robocopy rather than trying to write that functionality?

Take a look here mate.
Basicly, when you own a site, you can put files to it via ftp. So you just specify a place to update/put your new/updated files for your game and have the launcher check the specified(by you) url to see if new files have been added. If new files have been added, it just downloads them to the specified location(by you).

Hope it helped

Looks like a few approaches explained in that post. I’ll check them out.

Cheers Innos!

There is an opensource project called “Launchpad”, for UE4 projects, which I’m going to take a look at, thread is here

This is a launcher. Nothing new :smiley: Better make your own launcher with features you want. Like your images, your font for the text, your custom buttons,etc
But as I see the OP is giving the source code, so you can use his launcher and just do some minor changes…