Handling HUDs

Hello everybody. I’m trying to learn the new UDK, but I’m having some troubles in the blueprints basics. Basically, I wanna draw and replace textures on the screen, like a HUD. What is the most simple blueprint arrange to do this? Thanks in advance.

Do like this

So create a new class blueprint, actor, then hud, call it something, slam some nodes into it, and remember in your GameMode class in the properties to set your new hud class as the HUD

If you download the ‘Content Examples’ from the Marketplace and load up the ‘Blueprint_HUD’ map, you can see a basic HUD example with health system working. If you take a look at (or even copy out) the ‘BP_HUD_Example’ blueprint, you should be able to get some pretty cool starter functions to get you going. There’s even a basic Pause Menu to show you how to create interactive HUD elements.

Telsa Dev created some good HUD tutorial on his youtube website.

BP_Hud_Example isn’t too bad, but you will need to spend some time figuring out all the connection in blue print, which isn’t exactly straight forward.

Thanks to everybody. I haven’t implemented these solutions yet, because my PC went down this week. Next week I’m going to return to my project.