Handling gamepad joystick inputs inside UMG


I’m having a problem with navigation inside UMG. At some point during engine version upgrades my method has stopped working and I don’t seem to be able to fix what has been changed,

To get menu navigation feeling smooth in my game I was overwriting the built in navigation and implemented my own. I did this by overriding the On Preview Key Down function and handling the inputs manually. That looked like this;

And then off to the right I could add whatever logic i needed for navigating that specific UMG which would usually be something like this;

This worked perfectly for a long time. Only inputs I explicitly handled worked with the exception of the select buttons which I allowed to continue on unhandled. I usually test my game with a mouse and keyboard whilst developing so I didn’t notice this until a recent playtest session we had with a gamepad but handling preview key down no longer captures the input from the gamepad joystick so on a gamepad you can press the joystick to navigate using the normal UMG navigation rules.

I’d like to disable this navigation fully or at least find out how to stop the joystick inputs from being passed along again.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you need more information!