Handling 2 Different Pawns as 1 Character

Hey there,

so i ran in following Problem. Right now i´m trying myself on a rework of Metroid Fusion as an education project for me to gain some Unreal engine Skills (i´m completly new to it).

In the original game the Character is able to transform himself (herself) into a so called “Morph Ball”. Means on a Press Key Event, you would see an animation of the Hero tranforming itself into the Shape of a Ball. All the Variables like Ammunition and Health are going to be shared. The Moving system would be a bit different, as you´re obviously rolling as a ball. Jumping was enabled tho, and bouncing would be added. With the smaller collission you´re now able to reach pathways you couldn´t before in the real game.

So while trying to recreate this i ran into a few problems.

I gave it a try with duplicating the SideScrollerHero_BP and changing out all the blueprints, meshes etc into a Ball (following a tutorial). So basically i would end up with 2 BP with 2 different meshes. On Open Level Blueprint i blueprinted, that if i hit a key, my pawns would change the possession. Unfortunatly i have no clue how to destroy the other actor on the switch and make him respawn on the other Pawn. Also this path would lead in my issue that i can´t share Health and Ammunition, as they were blueprinted on my SideScrollerHero_BP.

As i was working today on something else i ran over the function “Activate and Deactive” for particles, i was building an effect around. I saw it was also highlighting me the option to activate and deactive meshes and collisionboxes of my character. So my thought right now is, maybe i can mix up both “pawns” into 1 Hero BP and disable/enable different meshes/collissionboxes on an eventkey. That would automatically solve my Variables and Spawning/ possession issues. Also would probably be easier to script an Effect/ Animate it. Is that possible or what´s a way to possible solve my issue?

Sorry for the long text and i appreciate every help. If you need any screenshots of my Blueprints let me know.