Handle landscape grass when building structure at runtime

Hi, I’m creating a game where I would like the player to be able to build certain structures on the landscape, the problem is how to remove intersecting grass.

My current grass is constructed by means of material and the Grass node, but i found no way to remove grass when a player would construct something on top of it.

I was thinking of making a script to populate meshes of the grass on the landscape and when the player places a structure on top, identify any collision with the grass (or by checking the position on an embedded grass position matrix) and remove it.

Would you advise this ? Is there a better way ? Am I not seeing a more simple solution ?

PS. Im just starting to work with UE so please be kind : )
PSS. I would not accept just making the structure foundation higher than the grass…

I’m not an expert, but I would try something like this (assuming you are using foliage)