Handle Flying Characters with Regards to Ground Terrian


I want to put character flight as an option in my game, however, as I was playing with the camera while building the terrian map that I’m building, I noticed that I don’t have to get very much altitude in the camera position to notice the edges of the map. (Granted right now, it’s a small area.) I using EasySkyV2 for my sky, but what I’d like to know is:

How do you conceal the edge of the map? i know that in typical games involving land-only movements, it’s easy, you place water and/or mountains at the edges of the map.

How do you disallow flying off the edge of the world? Like could I create some kind of invisible collision wall?

Thank you!

Hey again Cmdr.Kokoro!

You absolutely can put in invisible walls/ceiling! You’ll just create a cube and give it collision with dynamic objects. Stretch it out, and line it up where you want the player to stop, then hide the static mesh in game. Do that with the four sides and the ceiling and they can’t get out! Feel free to go large, the boundary boxes can overlap just fine!

Awesome! Thank you!

But I still need an answer for the first question. How do I hide the edges of my game map while airborne?

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Well, realistically you can’t. You can either make the map large enough to accommodate this and block their movement far enough away from the edges they just can’t see them, or make a volumetric fog to block vision and set it on the edges. Really that’s more of a design decision than a technical one. I personally like the “Island” style, surrounding the entire map with water going out really far and if they go too far out they get a warning then die from “exhaustion” if they continue by using a kill-box.

Here’s some documentation on Volumetric fog if you want to go that route!

That’s what I’ll do then. I have a goal of mimicking some of the older style games and I want to have a 500 sq mile land mass. I’ll then add the volumetric fog to the boarders.