HandIK Trace Rotation and Offset from Trace Location

Hey guys,

So I am currently working on hands IK and so far it’s working great besides a few things but here you can see already what it looks like now:

  1. Alright, as you can see the first issue is that the hands are clipping through the wall. The max clipping is like the left hand here , so even when going closer to the wall it doesn’t clip more. I thought about making an offset from the trace location but how would I do that?

  2. In the following Img you can see what happens when I approach the wall from an angle. Apparently the hands rotation is not aligned to the walls one. Now how do I do this? Also in combination with the solution of the first issue of course.

Here you can see my BP character code and then my ABP( I already tried to fix the rotation issue but disconnected it in the abp anmgraph again because it just changed the rotation of the hands but didn’t transform them at runtime to match the walls. Like it was fix:

Thanks in advance! :smile:

ALSv4 Environment Interaction HandIK System Tutorial [Part 1]: Standing - YouTube The HandIK in this video fixes all problems and basically creates a perfect solution with smooth transitions, rotations, fixing curling fingers etc. .