Handheld Map Texture Edit

Okay, so, I was trying to make an edit to the map texture. I figured this would be a simple mod. As far as I can tell, since I’m editing a core file, I need to make it a Total Conversion then, right? Okay, so I got that, and set it up using Kenturrac’s helpful guide here:

And then I found the GPSMap_BC texture, since that appears to be the one the map uses, copied it to my MyTC folder, and edited it by double clicking on it then clicking reimport, and choosing the new texture that I hacked together in photoshop. That looks all good so far, as far as I can tell!

(Credit to smallsiren from reddit for the map texture, btw: )

So then at this point, this is what my MyTC folder looks like:

From there, I cook it as a Total Conversion, upload it to Steam, and subscribe. Then when I go into ARK I can’t even find it to test it out, but just for kicks I decide to try copying over the GPSMap_BC.uasset from “ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Content\Mods\MyTC” into “Steam\SteamApps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\PrimalEarth\WeaponGPS\Textures” and that didn’t even seem to work either.

Clearly I’m missing something essential here. I’m sorry, could anyone point me in the direction of what I’m missing?

Okay, so, I went ahead and tried something a bit different. I moved over the GPS/map blueprint, relevant materials, and rigs as well, and changed them all to point to the resources in my mod instead. And now I can load it up as a total conversion, yay! Progress! Kinda! Except somehow the map is STILL using the old texture. Which I do not understand AT ALL.

Picture of the new mod contents, in case it helps:

Any ideas? Anyone? This is just a texture edit, it should not be this difficult. I feel like I’m probably super over complicating things.

I think you are looking for these settings in the levels “World Settings”:

Holy ****. That is so much simpler than everything I have been doing. Oh well, through failure I have learned much. Thank you so much!

Okay, hm. Those world settings only work if I have it load up the custom level. I think they apply per level. That’s not quite the desired effect, as it needs to work on the standard island…

I’m beginning to think something in the game has made this impossible. Maybe TheIsland map has a hidden override that always sets the map texture to be the default one, or something, since everything I do fails.

Included below are the mod files I created, feel free to extract them to “ARKDevKit\Projects\ShooterGame\Content\Mods” if anyone wants to take a crack at it. The map textures I included are just rough test textures. I’d improve them, if I ever got the darn thing working at all.