Handheld AR Spawning OBJ Planar Reflection Capture


I´m currently at making a AR Handheldscene for Android ARCore. Usage is the Std. Handheld-TEmplate with modular Shadows and PlanarReflection activated
in Projectsettings und Materials with the Standard “SlS Specified Cubemap”.

If i use a “Planar Reflection Capture” in the ARBlankMap with a Groundplane and a Cube on it it Works starting the AR Ap on my Mobilephone.
But that´s only a test.

But the desired AR-Object is spawned in the moment touching the Screen over a Blueprint.
Then it Spawns and is presented in the scene. Ar works this way - natural.

So i added a “Planar Reflection Capture” to the Spawning Blueprint to my Object to get Reflections on the Ground.
But that doesn´t work > I got some wired scaling things with sahdow and a Tip of reflections much smaller than the spawned object but no real Reflection for my OBJ
what i setup. I think it is a scaling problem but not sure. Or the Planar OBJ can´t be used in the spawned Bluprint?

But AR has to spawn a Object on the Touchplace > that´s how AR and the Objects work…it´s a BUG?

My Question is:
How to get “Planar Reflection Capture” for a Spawning blueprint/OBJ/Prefab in the AR Handheld Template working?