Hand tracking plugin crashes the engine (Vive Pro)

I am trying to set up hand tracking for the Vive Pro.
I followed the instructions here and set up everything accordingly. Vive’s cameras are on in steamVR settings and working fine.
Everything compiled normally (i’m using the VR template, no c++)
Changed game modes and everything just like in the guide.
When I open the level provided with the plugin and hit play in VR it crashes the engine.

Can anyone help? Thanks!

Hi, sorry I am unable to help you, but I was stopped even earlier. I followed those steps too but when I rebuild the C++ project that page says that “the plugin modules and source code will appear in project explorer.” but nothing happens.

Did you copy the files manually?

I don’t have a c++ project. Mine is a blueprints normal one. It’s still not clear to me whether the hand tracking should work for non c++ projects too.
As for the content, it is there, i don’t have to move it manually.

I fixed that, I didn’t know that the plugin content visibility was an option that could be enabled. Anyway I tried again with an empty BP project and it worked (with the sample map). This is with UE 4.21.2. The only thing I have noticed is that the headset must be in a visible location (from the base stations) before it starts. If it cannot be seen the plugin had trouble starting.