Hand to Hand combat sound effects!

Hello all! I had seen that there was a lack of any form of close quarter combat sound effects, so I decided to provide my own that I had created for the community to use.


Here’s a short demo of the multiple sound effects depicting a one sided fight, ending with one guy being knocked unconscious and slumping to the ground:

The pack includes multiple sound effects that would be great for a game that is heavy on things like bones breaking, crunches, body hits, blocks, kicks, punches, face punches, and grapples. Whether it is for a fighting game, or an animation in ue4 like the old GDC matinee sequence, it is up to you where you want to use this in your project.

The pack also includes multiple swooping sound effects that can be used for incoming or missing punches and kicks. There are a total of 143 sound effects included in this pack.

30 of them are enhancers such as the gory squishes and crackling of bones.

72 of them are hitting effects, and 41 of them are the air trail sound effects.

Thanks for checking out the post and voting!

Anyone have any thoughts about the sound effects to discuss?

Sounds good how much?