Hand Painted FX Texture Pack with Effects

Hello, My Name is Antonio Sanchez; finally got a bit more time now from my gigs to do some personal projects now. I have been working on my off time trying to keep my FX chops up. My plan was making a Hand Painted FX Starter Texture Pack. 5 Hand Painted Textures of every element. Currently plan is 40 since I have 20 done so far. I may add more unsure yet. Planning on continuing making future texture packs depending on what is on demand or requested more frequently. Here is only a few Screen shots of my work in Progress. I want to release them as high resolution textures so developers can resize the textures to fit any platform.
Fire and Water Beam

Splash Texture

Lightning Texture

My First Fire Pass

Current WIP Hand Painted FX Texture Pack

Current WIP; Not all textures are in image and effects are not finalized yet. :slight_smile:

Textures are now finished that are needed currently. Right now, I am just trying to figure out what effects developers want to have or see now. Any feedback will help. I will just make everything I see now…

Current plan is I will be building the effects Unreal Version 4.15.0, but textures will at least be able to go to any version.

First Effect Base pass for the Hand Painted FX Texture Pack

I started a Real-Time Visual Effects Twitch Channel as I make the effects with this pack. Here is a link Twitch