Hand-held cinematic camera ? (like in MGSV)


I’m creating some cinematics and I don’t know how can I make the camera move like if someone is filmming with the camera (called hand-held technique in cinema, which can be seen in found-footage movies for example), with a long take and a little camera shaking (like here: MGSV Mother base soldiers fight cutscene - YouTube )

Does someone have any idea about that ?

Thanks !

Depends what software you are using.

In general Best to keyframe the base motion as close as possible, you can later add additive noise controller on the position and rotation to create stutters in motion whcih would help sell the effect further.

In most cases a script will also help.
I use Max and there are many scripts to assist with the process, not sure about other apps.

Well…I’m actually rendering cinematics using Unreal
I also Maya for modeling/animating but that’s all