Hand Animation problem

Hi I have an animation that when I click on the mouse the hand goes up but once I am in Idle animation the hand goes up normally as in the video but when I run or walk the hand does not sync with the run what can I do? I’m losing my self pls help i can pay to someone if he wants but pls help
Ue4 hands animation

You haven’t really explained how you are playing the animation. Try following this official tutorial about layered animations from the UE4 Documentation. Just replace the shooting animation with your raised hand one when you are done.

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oh sry
This is the animation for the hand:

and this is AnimGraph:

I tried to do what you sent me but it does not help …

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So, I don’t entirely understand your mouse-click and character reference logic. I strongly recommend that you revert your Animation Blueprint Event Graph to match the default ThirdPersonTemplate one.

You will first need to right-click your animation and create a montage, setting it to the UpperBodySlot (create this in the tutorial a linked before). Now open your character blueprint, and add a PlayAnimMontage node to a new LeftMouseButton event.

Now change your Anim Graph to precisely match the one shown in the layered animation tutorial, and everything should work fine. I am curious, however, why you appear to be using the cursor position instead of the mouse button in your original blueprint.

Thank you very much for your help man!
i will check this out and update you