Hanako - Soul of the Samurai Needs the UE4 Community on KS (as seen on the Epic Stream 3/26)

Hey guys,

We just got back from appearing on the Epic stream last week (VOD:

We launched our Kickstarter a week ago and a free playable demo, we’ll be doing a contest of sorts when… something… happens to our Demo on April 1st. Our team worked endlessly, tirelessly since November to get our KS going and we need it to pick up steam and keep up the momentum, so I’m humbly asking for your support by backing, spreading the word, whatever it takes to make a dream We’ve invested almost a decade of our lives and health towards building.

Our Arcade-Style Demo and Kickstarter are available here:

Details on the April 1st Contest are in Update 3 or read here:

You have my word April Fools will be awesome :D.

We sincerely, humbly thank anyone who takes even a second to check us out, support us and any other positive things.


This looks really amazing! Good luck to you and your team with your kickstarter.

Do you have a twitter account? We could give you a shoutout gladly! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, the game is @HanakoGame mine is @mattcanei

Looks interesting, good luck with your kickstarter!

Done! Good luck!

Good luck guys. I did a KS for a game and it’s a lot of work promoting; you guys are going for almost 3x what we did so I can only imagine it’s 3x the work!

It’s pretty insane haha a lot of things we were banking on were pretty bad duds so who knows what’s going to happen now, but there’s no giving up its 100% all the way regardless of pace. Thank you for backing!

The only thing I could suggest, if I may, is that your KS video doesn’t have the story of you. I found that part more compelling in the Epic live stream, than the game in its current state. If there’s a way to get more out about you/your team as your passion project and why you’re making this… it could be a stronger message. After hearing you talk about it I wanted to back you guys.

Dave, really good feedback. We decided to put the epic interview at the very top of our KS page so potential backers can see more inside the game besides the gameplay footage.

All you need is to get within striking distance of the goal… Here’s ours kicktraq and honestly, we shouldn’t have made it, we weren’t that close. A handful of space sim fans rallied, I guess their friends, into backing at the end and pushed us over the top (see the last 4 days) A week out I felt relief that we were definitely not going to make it and I could relax about it.

a tip for twitter, there are twitter bots that auto retweet, so if you use #indiegamedev it will be retweeted to about 15k followers. Also when I sent out your link I started the timeline at 3:53 so its right at you talking. I believe you only get like 10-15 seconds for most viewers, so want to try to catch them at the ideal part.

Anyway, wish I could help more. I’ll keep trying to promote it over the next 2 weeks.