Hanako - Soul of the Samurai Call to the UE4 Community (as seen on the Epic Stream 3/26)

Hey guys,

We just got back from appearing on the Epic stream last week (VOD:

We launched our Kickstarter a week ago and a free playable demo, we’ll be doing a contest of sorts when… something… happens to our Demo on April 1st. Our team worked endlessly, tirelessly since November to get our KS going and we need it to pick up steam and keep up the momentum, so I’m humbly asking for your support by backing, spreading the word, whatever it takes to make a dream We’ve invested almost a decade of our lives and health towards building.

Our Arcade-Style Demo and Kickstarter are available here:

Details on the April 1st Contest are in Update 3 or read here:…/posts/1182375

You have my word April Fools will be awesome .

We sincerely, humbly thank anyone who takes even a second to check us out, support us and any other positive things.