Hanako: Soul of the Samurai and MarchGame Jam Results! - Mar 26, 2015 @ 2PM

Matt Canei and Connor McCarthy from +Mpact Games visit Epic to talk Unreal Engine and their game “Hanako: Soul of the Samurai”! +Mpact recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the game, and Hanako was Greenlit on Steam in only 9 days earlier this year! We’ll be playing through the latest build, talking about it’s development history, and seeing what’s next!


The March Unreal Engine game jam was a blast! “Set It Free” saw lots of newcomers to the forums and engine this time around, as well as a great selection of games made in just under 4 days. We’ll be playing the top 3 games and showing off a highlight reel of all the great submissions for this month.

Thursday, March. 26th @ 2PM ET - Countdown]


Chance Ivey - Community Manager - @iveytron](
Matt Canei - +Mpact Games - @mattcanei](
Connor McCarthy - +Mpact Games

Questions for Matt, Connor, or myself? Let’s hear em!

Edit: The YouTube archive is available here](

Looking forward to hanging out and talking the things :smiley:

Hanako and Game Jam


Looking forward to seeing more of Hanako - Soul of the Samurai. It looks really cool!

Also crazy excited to see my game on the highlight reel. Although it had some bugs I am pretty proud of my first “full” (and that term is put lightly) game ever.

Thank you to Epic for giving the community the chance to take part in something so wildly amazing!

Flannel 4 Lyfe!

Hey guys, the game looks great!


  1. What was the hardest challenge you had to overcome to get where you are today for your game?

  2. What was your planning strategy going into Greenlight and any tips and tricks for other Indie Devs?


Just a heads up, you’re countdown points to the 26th of February, rather than march. Otherwise looking forward to the stream.

Looks like it still targeting Feb. :cool:


Hopefully I am not stuck in a meeting, I wanna see this :slight_smile:

Game jam results just in 4 days? You guys are fast :slight_smile:

Chance is a game jam gaming machine. He just sits and plays for hours… which sounds like fun, but is actually quite a lot of work.

Well done everyone! We had a blast making our entry, hope everyone felt the same :slight_smile:

ya did fine Kitatus, wasn’t this your first game jam? great fun eh? :smiley:

sorry I didn’t make it to the stream, watched it & it was definitely a good one. Hanako is really looking good, saw it a while back in a post some where and you guys have really outdone yourselves, really nice work.

about 2 days after the game jam, it started bothering me not having actually got my winning condition or the ending that I wanted in my project. since I can’t seem to let things go, I made a more complete version.

would like everyone to check it out, I put an easy mode and also a cheat key in to finish the game and make it easier to see the ending. (~20 sec matinee that applies to the theme - not a AAA production but good enough)

Link to post w/description:
(bottom of page)

Thank you guys, we’re really trying to break our Kickstarter open, such difficulty so wow.

@MattCan36 great work & looking good

have you considered actually posting this in the international section of the forums for more exposure

I don’t really understand any other language much other than English, well actually still working on it too (from the south, so been mutilating the English language since birth, lol), but I have looked at some of the Japanese work for instance and they are amazing and the international community is into UE4 as much as anyone. you could use google translate etc to post & maybe someone would have enough mercy to translate for you, lol. :wink:

seriously i’d think it might make for more exposure especially for your kickstarter program, anyways good luck. we’ll be watching