Hanako: Honor & Blade Finally Released to Steam Early Access after 4 Years!

Nine years ago we started on Hanako: Feudal Japanese Combat to honor my mother and our late professor who we lost during our development of the college version. Fast forward to October 9th, 2017, 10 years to the day of my mother’s passing, we have released our years of work to Steam Early Access:

We worked hard to make sure the game could stand on its own, so the meaning is there for those who look for meaning in games, and it’s fun and not obvious otherwise.

It’s a class-based multiplayer, up-to 12v12 set in Feudal Japan. Our Early Access version has three classes: Swordsman, Pikeman, Ninja - we have grappling, combos, abilities, and each map is a different game mode that’s our interpretation of some classic online modes.

We can’t wait to have members of the UE4 family join us!

Our discord is available at: if you want to chat with other players and with our dev team.