HammUEr, a Hammer/Worldcraft map importer for Unreal Engine

The .Map Support looks good so far :slight_smile:

Cannot wait to see it textured. :smiley:

That said…


Hey turfster,

Bit of a feature request -

Would it be possible to Import parts of a level into a Actor Blueprint? (Example: A Building or something similar)

Here is why I am suggesting this - It is easier to move around an single object (Such as a blueprint) opposed to multiple objects and accidentally loose their initial transforms and such.

That said - Make it a optional to do such a thing via a tick box under the import settings.

Importing entities and funcs into working UE blueprint versions (which this could technically fall under) that have the same functionality is on the roadmap, but probably won’t be in the first release.

Also, if you just want to keep stuff together, HammUEr respects hammer groups and builds a single mesh from them, so if there’s no tricky stuff (doors and whatnot you want movable), you could just do that.
Another option could be to not decouple the meshes from origin, import just the ones you need so they have hardcoded transforms, and then put those in your actor BP.

New news: you can now also mark textures you want as nodraw’d on import - basically removing clip, trigger, origin, skip etc brushes on import without having to actually delete them in Hammer.

Yeah I am picking this up for sure. :smiley:

40 dollars right or somewhere around there?

(And like with all other material settings, HammUEr remembers these for next time, so you don’t have to keep setting things up)

Something like that, probably.

I’ll just let these speak for themselves.
Single click import (well, two if you count importing the Quake 1 wad file) with no edits, straight to lighting building.


Hot scoops: I guess Turfs just finished the WAD importer. I just imported TFC.wad (team fortress classic textures). It gave me a folder full of textures and a folder full of material instances,and then the first thing I found was this weird old proto-TF2 thing in there.



(I promise, that’s the first and last huge picture dump)

If you have this for sale on Sellify, Gumroad, or your own site come Christmas day. I Will toss some money your way for a copy of hammUEr.

Here are some (close to) 1-button UE4 ports of CS maps. More on my blog. Pretty great.

So we’re clear, the lighting is included in the import

So wait the Light maps are imported as well into UE or the Point lights are imported?

Little bit confused here.

Point/spot/dynamic/environment lights, .map/.vmf files contain no lightmap information

Ah ok,

Thanks for the clarification Turfster.


How far away are you from being able sell this on the UE4 marketplace, your own site, or Something like Gumroad or Sellify?

Have you heard back from epic yet?

Just thought I would ask as I would really like to get my hands on this :slight_smile:

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I haven’t heard from Epic in over a week, so I’ll throw it up somewhere (probably gumroad) tomorrow or the day after, probably.
Need to pull some documentation together first.

Let me know when you throw it up on gumroad or where ever. :slight_smile:

Unreal Guy Visits Black Mesa, Takes Holiday Snaps

Let me know when you throw it up on gumroad or where ever. :slight_smile:

Edit: Joe that looks awesome :open_mouth:

Absolutely love what I am seeing. It is SO needed. I fear though that the ‘submission’ process might have us waiting for months until it is available on the marketplace.