HammerheadVR hiring Tech Artists & Graphical Programmers (fulltime/parttime/contractors)

Hammerhead VR is hiring Technical Artists and C++ Programmers (among others) to help us push the boundaries of Virtual Reality Games and Cinematic experiences in Unreal Engine 4.

We specifically need someone to create stunning but optimised volumetric cloud particles for an upcomming project. If you have that skill please get in touch no matter whether you’re looking for full-time work or part-time contracts.

Follow the link to view the detailed job posts and apply:

Kind Regards,
~Chris Frausig

Just wanted to confirm, as the website is listing NewCastle as the location for all of the open positions, that you guys are open to working with folks remotely or if you need applicants to be able to work in-house with you guys. Cheers

We are primarily looking for full-timers to join or in-house team in Newcastle, but we do a lot of work with remote contractors, depending on the specific needs of a project.
If you apply via our website, we’ll add you to our list of people and keep you updated when we have something that fits your bill.