(Hamachi) Join / Create a session on a server based on a local network but not a local network

If it is possible to create a session using the local WIFI network why would it not be possible to create a session on a server with static IP (Not a dedicated server) But an online server where when the game connected to that server if it looked for a session he would find an online session but if he connected to another server the sessions found there will be different. What I wanted to do with Unreal Engine when creating a session it does not use the IP of the local network but a static IP address of the moudem with the Open and predetermined Ports. It would be much easier and simpler than creating a dedicated server for that game, the easiest thing to do is just use a connection just to exchange data.

I saw videos on how to create a dedicated server on unreal engine 4 but it is not at all efficient, it is necessary to package the entire game and the server every time you test using a real dedicated server (Not the test one), it is necessary to carry out a process giant 50 minutes plus packaging time and still use an unstable plugin in addition to many modifications in Visual Studio and the engine to make it work. And every time you release an update for the game you need to repeat everything again so that the version of the game is the same as the server.

None of this compares when creating a session on the local network, is it possible to host the session on an external server (Online), (Not dedicated)?

You can test without compiling dedicated server. Just create .bat file something like this:

"PATH_TO_YOUR_UE4\UE4Editor.exe" "%CD%\PROJECT_NAME.uproject" /Game/Maps/YOUR_MAP_NAME -server -log -nosteam -port=7778

Replace PATH_TO_YOUR_UE4 with your path to UE4, for example: C:\UE_4.24\Engine\Binaries\Win64*UE4Editor.exe
* - your project name, for example : mygame.uproject
YOUR_MAP_NAME - map that will be loaded

Call it for example: StartServer.bat and put it in your project folder. It will start dedicated server on port 7778 (you can change this).
Note: /Game/Maps/ is /Content/Maps in UE4 editor.

Thanks for your answer, I’ll try it today when I get home, but what about using Hamachi? I made attempts to open a network in Hamachi and connect the unreal engine to that IP address for the client, but without success, as it is necessary to create a session within that IP address, but I don’t know how to do this.

In the same way that you can open a server on the local network (WIFI) I want to make it possible to open a server on the Hamachi network, this would allow other players on other internet modems to connect to my session only through the IP address of Hamachi.