HAMA MC50 Mining Craft [Vehicle Design]

Hey everyone, so I thought I would share my first update on a new blueprint game I’m working on. So far I have a working “mining” vehicle which is essentially just an upgraded UFO. I’m a designer so you can probably tell I’m already spending way to much time on the art style but it’s a lot of fun working in UE4 ha. This vehicle featured will operate as a mining craft that is used to collect ores from locations that hopefully will add some interesting mechanics to the game. I have already started working on some of the landscape concepts and I’m also experimenting with adding online multiplayer functionality to the blueprints (I’m a newbie though).

Please also check out the official page on my website for additional info and maybe leave some feedback in the comments to start off a discussion. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice work and attention to detail on the mining vehicle. The lighting as shown in the video really makes it come alive!