Halting Forward Movement for Walk Cycle With A Limp

I am creating an AI Controlled Character Blueprint that has a Limp in the walk cycle. So I’d like to have the forward movement to only take place when the specific “Walking” frames are playing and all forward movement to stop when the character is dragging their leg. I’m very new to Unreal and am sure it’s obvious but am needing someone to point it out to me. Thanks in advance for the help

I really don’t know the answer man, but I’ve thought about something similar to get a more “robotic” movement. I would imagine you could switch the forward/backward motion on and off with a bool…that was set and unset by Animation Notifies or something similar.

So it’s always “trying” to move forward but it’s not allowed to except during certain frames.

Hey Griffin 1127,

One way to achieve this is to use root motion for your walk animation. What this will do is extract the motion of the root bone and apply it to the character. In your DCC tool animate the root bone to match how you want the character to move and then enable it in the editor in the sequence settings. Hopefully this will give you the right effect!

For some further reading:


The Animation Notifies could be exactly what I’m looking for! I could create one or multiple custom notify events and see about controlling the forward movement through Blueprints. Thanks I’ll experiment on this tonight and reply if I find a solution.

I am not yet familiar enough with stuff to know about Root Motion, but that does sound like it might be the best way to go, because then your character is moving exactly with the skeleton. I didn’t know that existed…will probably use that haha. Thanks Ex!

Root motion sounds perfect and seems much more simple. Thanks for the link and I will update the thread when I get things working