**Halp!**New Idea** Dont know how to do it**

Hello all! Im completely new to the forum being that this will be my first post ever. I come to you guys today seeking some advice/insight as to how i can create a game that i have always dreamed of playing.
Since I got into rockets and space and things of that nature, it has been my dream to fly a spacecraft (such as sitting in a capsule preparing for liftoff)!

My dream and/or goal is to create a game or more or less a simulator where you sit in a cockpit, do all of the proceedures for preflight and lift off in an exhilerating rocket launch. You then climb through the vigorous atmophere to finally reach space where you must then dock your vessel and possibly perform space station stuff. no this isnt going to turn into alien where some monster comes and kills everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

So how do i even start on something like this. I mean the only scenery would be the inside of the capsule and the outside environment (the earth, and other space objects). I would really appreciate if you guys could tell me where to start, what book to read, what videos to watch, anything that could help.

Thank you all and I look forward to checking back for responses! Cheers!

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First thing you should do are the tutorials provided by epic and found online (youtube!)

Here’s Epic’s Unreal channel: Unreal Engine - YouTube

I think this was already done, to extent. In one of the versions of X-plane simulator you could fly space shuttle and go to the orbit… and there were moon missions, plus an experimental plane made for martian atmosphere.

Also, there’s already kerbal space program, though I never played it myself.

Anyway… you need to go through tutorials, because (aside from finding correct formulas for things like air drag and making actual art assets) it is fairly simple thing to do.