HaloPalo, Multiplayer FPS | 100% BPs | biggest blueprints project?

Do you think the original Halo is over?, me too! that´s exactly why I decided to start making a game based on the traditional Halo gameplay, taking the best of H2, H3 and HReach and adding thinks that in my opinion would be great.

All of this done just in blueprints, thats because If it´s not the biggest BP project ever done in UE4 till now, Im sure it´s one of the biggests (tell me if there are other high scale BP projects!)

I just uploaded a first video showing networking functionalities, Ill be uploading new videos to show a detailed view of the gameplay mechanics like weapons, grenades, health and shield systems, etc.

So, is there anyone that thinks its a good idea? I remember the good times playing a game different to call of duty, not like Halo of duty 5, or TitanHalo 5

The game is planned to be free to play when finished.

Hello there!

Back several weeks ago one of my teammates commented on this video on YouTube asking for some direction on how to set up an environment where multiple players can play. You directed us here to ask such questions. Well, we are at the stage in our development process where we are ready to add our multiplayer aspects and pointers would be much appreciated.

For our project, we are working solely with blueprint. We are focusing on 4-player splitscreen for the time being so internet connection is of no concern right now. I have figured out how to create the other three players which then seems to automatically adjust the viewport to display all four player screens.

(I have trouble building lighting on my computer so please forgive the poorly lit environments)

With the four players created, only players one two are actually there. Players 3 and 4 are cameras with no player attached.

Now whats especially weird about this is with 1 player: everything is fine, 2 players: player one is still fine but player 2 is just the camera, and 3 players: player 1 and 2 are fine and able to be played with but player 3 is the camera. Then of course the image shows what 4 players looks like. It only gets stranger to me. When I test the game, I usually play it through the standalone option and it plays as described, same goes for when its just in the window. When I click launch and have it directed at my computer it opens fine but then only player 1 works.

I’m not exactly where this is going wrong in the slightest so if you do get a chance to help us out, just let me know which blueprints and what parts you may need to see. I thank you in advance if you do get a chance to help us. Any and all help will be very much appreciated!!

Thank you,

I like what you’re doing, good work! The hud looks great and I could enjoy this.

However, as a developer I don’t think appointing games to put them down is very mature. Sure, they have features and this, that and the next thing but it is childish to name them or associate their names like that.
Also, you can’t associate the name Halo in your fan made game. Hence others have got: “Project Contingency” or “Installation 01”.

Other than that, stay mature and respect other games and cast your opinion on the mechanics you disagree with rather than mindlessly doing so otherwise.

Good luck!

where tpo play… i want this and i want it know. :3

Will this be for marketplace??

Hey Nesjett,
We are a team of 11 trying to achieve just what your doing, for a school project. For how long have you been working on this project ? And as TheEt3rnalL1ght asks, is there a link to any docomentation or any good tips and tricks you wanna share with us :slight_smile: ?

What i really like, is that you do your stuff with blueprints.

Also, you are not allowed to use any assets from other Halo games.

Sorry for the delay, Im busy this months and I just saw your reply.

I think you should learn about replication first, there are 3 tutorials on the UE4 blog that explains the basics very well.

The main concept, and probably the more difficult, atleast at the beggining is to think that a replicated game you have individual clients, so you have to keep in mind that if you have 2 players on a match, really there are 4 pawns (on all the worlds), so, if you have 3 players, there will be 9 pawns, and so on.

I dont know how are you spawning them, but you have 2 ways, one, spawn the pawn and make sure they are marked as replicated in their properties, or spawn the pawn using the default player start (you also have to check if they are marked as replicated)

The image you attached is not working so I cant look into it, maybe I could help you a bit if you post here the spawning process (screenshots)

Dear hulbert, you are completly wrong, I´m not appointing down a game because the next thinks:

1- I´m not appointing it down, I´m just describing how the game is now, It was my favouryte game, and I even played the Halo 5 beta which is fun, but its just another game, not Halo.

2- I´m not planning to release my game under “Halo” name or anythink else, that would be ilegal

3- It´s not a fan game, its a completly new game that features a gameplay similar to the old halo one

4- I´m calling it HaloPalo right now because 343 industries (developer of halo 4 industrie) called one of their controller configurations “Palito de pescado” (in spanish) translated into english is somethink like “Fish stick” (I dont know if they called it right that on an enlgish version of the game) but that was made to critique the Call Of Duty controls, like if it was an easiest game to play, so, like they became a very similar game I decided to call it like that, (HaloPalo, in english would be somethink like HaloStick)

5- I´m using this terms, names and other stuf IN A DEVELOPER FORUM, so I´m not promoting my game using others name, like you said. I´m just showing my work and my opinion.

6- If you said all of that because of this line: " I remember the good times playing a game different to call of duty, not like Halo of duty 5, or TitanHalo 5" just play those 3 games and tell me what you think, plus this is just a pun.

7- I´m respecting the game, if you think I´m not is just your opinion, I´m not going to start a filosofical reply because I´m not going to change your point of view, and I dont want so, but even when I´M NOT disrespecting the game, Ill tell you that you have to respect a person always because it worth, but to respect an object or an idea is completly optional, it depends on your beliefs.

Anyway Ill take into account your first line and thank you for those first words.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

I’m not aiming for a rant but it was the way I read it, some people from different countries always end up with different perspectives and grab a different sort of context. Sorry if I came off on the wrong level!
And yes! That control scheme was put in for new people to Halo to get used to it but I don’t use it, although some friends do. I understand your view on it but yeah! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Thank you Hulbert

Awesome, is there any updates on this?

Hi richardboegli, yes, there were some updates, but the project has taken another way cause Halo 5 seems to be a good game, so we thought of take more distance between halo and our game, but still keeping traditional Halo gameplays.

Anyway I´m busy right now with other life projects so I´m not working on this actively.

What makes this likely to be “one of the biggest” 100% BP games? I’m not challenging, the claim so much as I am just curious. There are people making entire open-world RPGs, survival games, singleplayer experiences, vehicular combat games and so on as 100% blueprint games. From what the video showed, whilst you have a lot of advanced features in already, it still doesn’t look like it would be that much blueprinting. Again - just curious. I work almost entirely in blueprints myself (I can code, but I enjoy BPs a lot more).

PS - game looks fun :slight_smile: I’d play it