Halo Cortana and Windows 10 Cortana

I was watching a trailer of sorts of Halo 5, and they mentioned “The extremely advanced AI known as Cortana”, and then I realized that Cortana is also the name of the “AI” helper for Windows 10. Another thing is that Halo is an Xbox Exclusive, Xbox is owned by Microsoft, along with Windows. Is there any sort of connection between Cortana in Halo and Cortana in Windows? Perhaps there was some naming inspiration?

Uh, yeah, they named it that from Halo. Voice for it is the same as in the game also

Lol, I guess that answers my question.

Also, “Spartan” was a code name for the MS Edge web browser.

I really like that they named cortana after well… Cortana.
It’s pretty cool!

After playing Halo 5, you may not be so excited about her being on your phone. =P

Is it bad?
Or is it something she does? (I’m fine with spoilers.)

She’s the new villain.

Also, you can ask the Win10 Cortana things like “Can you tell me about Halo 5”, “Where is Master Chief”, etc and see some funny replies xD

Lol, my Cortana must be broken, as I never hear her speak :frowning:

I think it depends on the question. Here’s a video.

Hmm… She still is nicer than the Microsoft execs that own her.

Haha lol…

hehe i broke mine on purpose with a good ol hack
it was constantly taking up resources and seemed to be always sending and receiving data, and its completely useless.