Hallucinatory wall

Hi everybody. I’m very new to Unreal 4, but I was hoping to create a basic prototype of a game concept I came up with. A large part of this concept relies on walls that can be either existent(visible and with collision) or nonexistent(invisible with no collision) and may change between these states randomly based on whether the player is not looking at them. I have set up a class blueprint called HalWall (As in Hallucinatory Wall), which uses the static mesh component “Wall 400x400” from the Architecture folder in the starter content stuff. To rephrase, I want this wall to have a chance to toggle “existence” when the player is not looking at it. How might I begin going about this? I imagine using a viewcone of some sort would work perfectly, but I’m not sure how to implement this. How might you fine folks tackle this?