Halfpipes in Blueprint?

Does anybody have an idea as to how i would go about working half pipes into my game? i am looking for a jet set radio style of pipe in that you can fall in no problem but when your inside you go up the walls of the pipe (but still jump up normally). (visual explanation of what i want to achieve)

Try using trigger volumes along the edges of the half pipes.

Depending on particular criteria when the Player moves into the trigger volume it will perform different actions, just like how it is described to you in that video to perform different moves.

I’m using an actor to trigger the change but i don’t know what i need to do in order to create the change. is there a function that lets you rotate the character based on the rotation of the floor he is standing on?

If you use a Line Trace the Hit Result will return the surface normal and from that you can determine the angle or rotation you need to adjust the player so that they become perpendicular to the surface normal.

Ok. so with your help i’ve managed to get this far ( now i need to figure out why he wont go up the 90 degree slope. im assuming its gravity but is there a way to counteract this but still keep my jumping going vertical?

Did you change the player’s max walk slope?

Tracing is the way to go.
I have some stuff for your consideration about that character component.

Will your game have many complicated animations? Or just running jumping and strafe.
If animations are not too complicated you could ditch that whole character blueprint, and do it all as physics based blueprint.
I think animation blueprints do not require character component (however i did not test it), so you could do all animations this way.

You lose easy way to animate it all, compared to character blueprint.
But you gain flexibility, also physics based forces will make this runner game feel much more accurate.

That looks good so far. But like @Jamendxman3 said you will probably need to play around with the Characters movement settings so that its able to move freely at such angles. Either that or find an alternative solution that doesn’t utilize the Character movement component.

My game is very much inspired by Jet set radio so a physics based character may not be a bad approach as i need to simulate the “wheels” of the roller skates. If you have any idea how i would go about making a physics based character i would love to see. i am concerent it will take a long time to implement all my other mechanics that are already done (grinding and boost dashing.)