Half Life 2: Episode 3

Go to the website, scroll over the games and there, right at the top, it says: Half Life 2: Episode 3, as well as an image saying HL3 is shown in the scrollable images area. Clicking on it will take you to the Steam Homepage. WHAT IS HAPPENING. Is it a fake website?

Please explain.


My thoughts are it’s a fake clone to trick people but still, anyone have background on it? It shows up first for Valve search on Google! Happy E3 ^.^

Its fake

Valve abandoned the Half Life series a long time ago, it isn’t profitable anymore.

I was pretty sure it was fake but it’s nice to dream. :slight_smile: I, for one, think it’d be very profitable for Valve to do!

This E3 already gave me The Last Guardian and Shenmue 3 so HL3 would be icing on the cake! :cool:

It honestly might not be. There is too much expectation on Half Life 3 that it would not live up to the dreams no matter how good it was. Invariably this would hurt Valve’s image with future customers if they felt dissatisfied with a product.

Besides, DoTA 2, Steam, CS:GO, and TF2 bring them boat loads of money without actually having to do much. They aren’t a game developer so much as a service platform now (and I include all the hats & gun case sales as really just making it all about service).

thats a fake website is valves real site

Thanks for pointing me to the real one:)

The question I ask myself every time I see another HL3 discussion: “If Valve will actually release HL3 one day, will playing it ever be as enjoyable as waiting for it and making jokes about it?”


Compared to DOTA 2, CS GO and even Left 4 Dead 2, you could say Half Life isn’t worth valve’s time and isn’t profitable.
Half Life is nowhere near as profitable and has an extremely short lifespan due to it being single player. Single Player is becoming a niche market aswell.

Valve has a reason for not wanting to create another Half Life and if you guys want to believe its still somehow profitable for them, in their eyes then go ahead but you will be extremely disappointed because this year makes it a decade since Half Life 2 was released. Valve simply sold it out in “episodes” rather than expansion packs or simply including all episodes in the same game from the start which it should have been.

So the reality is the last Half Life game is more than a decade old.

The money CS GO and DOTA 2 generates is insane compared to Half Life, why would valve bother making it anymore? they abandoned it a long time ago for good reasons.

Yes I am a fan of Half Life but I would much much rather see a Left 4 Dead 3. For example I have 2000 hours in L4D2 and my brother has 5000 Hours and counting. As opposed to maybe 20 or so hours in Half Life 2. I could see half life 3 surviving with steam workshop though. Maybe Paid Mods aswell.

Paid mods was the best thing that could happen to Single Player games, and would encourage all companies to provide modding tools and would no longer require a company to make quality expansions or DLC, the community would provide professional work for a fee and Half Life 3 would have been a reality because it would be profitable in the long run.

But a bunch of kids cried about paid mods in skyrim and valve didn’t bother with the idea.

I believe! I believe! I believe!!! Come on Valve!

I heard rumour Gabe Newell worked with Windows 1.0,Windows 2.0,Windows 2.1 and Windows 2.2 that’s why we don’t have Half-Life 3(hl2ep3,hl2ep4rttrm).

It wasn’t executed correctly and most of all people had a reason to complain because these were mods and were user made. They didn’t have quality control and still made people pay regardless if it was broken or not. Now come the time we get a cleaner market like TF2 hats and etc then it will be alright if those developers have the option of making it sellable and not shuve a price floor in everyone’s face. Especially since mods are hard to push a price tag on when it doesn’t have an anti-crack protection and it can be found anywhere on the web and counter steam. I’m not saying I don’t see paid mods in the future I think its great for the creator but it wasn’t executed well period.

As sad as it is to say it, I also do not believe valve has any stake in making hl3. Valve seems to have moved away from being an active game developer and they are now into hardware and other endeavors. They’re not the same company they were back then. Portal 2 was pretty much the last single player game they made and it feels that way. It was as if they put all their genius into one last BANG before deciding internally that they won’t be creating anything of that nature. If they do decide to make hl3, then it would be out of the grace for their fans. Personally, I hope I am wrong, that somehow they have this incredible genius plan to execute a comeback for the series and at least give it closure.

I still think it’s a **** move that they left the franchise hanging as it is. I don;t know if they haven’t made it out of respect to not wanting to screw up the mythos and not be able to deliver a satisfying ending, or that they are disrespectful towards their fans by saying yeah well, just not working out and screw the characters you come to love and wanting to know how they’ll deal with the aftermath of episode 2. Give us a **** chance to avenge Eli… Seriously I have been wanting to kick those advisors asses, I don;t care who or what G-man is, keep him mythical i dont care, but let me have my revenge and romance aly… ehh have some sort of happy ending or at least an ending…

I’m afraid Half-Life,Crash Bandicoot and Jazz Jackrabbit need its spiritual successors.

Well, there’s plenty of code and leaks about hl3

Valve has already stated that single player games are no longer profitable, but… who knows? That doesn’t necesarily mean that HL3 wont take place. Maybe not in the way we expect it, but evidence suggests they’re working on it.

And Valve could stop working on everything and just keep existing on the profit from Dota 2, TF2 and CSGO. Hopefully there are some employees who know this and make HL3 not for money, but for ‘art’

I’d love to see your source for that. I don’t think you’ll find it. the valve link gives not found!!! xD thought they have this image on the “news” scroller4e2b8836caab30b5877c025d34a28a4c66b0c973.jpeg

I think I will be more exited to see HL3 than the new usage disney could give to star wars xD… are less they will be the original authors doing it xD

So reving hl2pe3 and ep4 is illegal?Half-Life 2 Episode 3 and Half-Life 2 Episode 4 Return To The Ravenholm is nothing like Half-Life 3.Soon on Black Mesa Source Community I’ll make thread about this very game.