Half Life 1 Chamber (+Resonance Cascade maybe) [WIP]

Heya all!

To help myself to learn UE4, I decided a while back to build the resonance cascade chamber from Half Life 1.
And I’ll maybe re-make the resonance cascade itself, if I keep up the momentum on this :slight_smile:

I’ve been working on it for a while, on and off, to play around with Blueprints, materials, etc, so it’s probably about time I linked it up here!

Here’s a screenshot of a quick lighting pass:

I’m putting a bunch of information up on my blog about it. It’s not quite tutorial level, but some of you might find it useful :slight_smile:
Here’s a few links:

Lights flickering (Blueprints and materials):

Dynamically changing vector fields (c++):

Fun checkerplate material:

Not entirely sure how far I’ll get with it, but it has been a great learning exercise so far :slight_smile:


Heyya Geoff, good to see you here on the forums!

Man I would love to wonder around the test chamber with an occulus rift, Looking forward to seeing more.

Hope you go all the way! This brings so many good old memories and it will also help you get into Cascade as you proceed. :slight_smile: I’ll keep an eye on this one!

Really looking forward to seeing the Resonance Cascade :smiley:

Thanks all, and especially Laz84 for telling me I should post here :slight_smile:

I’ll keep the thread updated when I do blog posts, hopefully I’ll get some more done over the next few weeks!

Awesome dude. This really brings back all those memories. Looking forward seeing this one completed…:slight_smile:

Interesting take on an iconic location, thumbs up!

I’d love an explorable pre-resonance cascade black mesa research facility :slight_smile:

Looking forward to seeing more of this!