half empty map

I unwrapped a model and build texture, and I get this :


(sorry I don’t know how to import image properly in this forum)

the image quality is 100%, but there it seems that only 1/4 of the texture is really used, and when I import everything in my 3d software and render it, the texture is very blurred compared to my aligned photographies.

Thank you.

Hi matthieu robert
First make a screenshot of the model details, it looks you set 4 textures (say 4x8k res ) and RC used only 2 txts and you exported it as a SINGLE TEXTURE ( 16k ) with OBJ export ?

Screenshot 2016-07-05 10.00.02.png

Second question - look in the RECONSTRUCTION=SETTINGS to see whether the DOWNSCALE TEXTURE BEFORE TEXTURING was set to 2x or 1x.