HairWorks integration to UE4


I am struggling to build proper source code for HairWorks with my VS 2013. (I think) I tried NvPhysX, GalaxyMan repositories without success. Why “I think”? - because I am not sure anything I did in the past 3 days - I am that confused. My English language is medicore+ and my inteligence is also medicore+ and I am not a programmer but I know basics of C++ . After reading all GitHub, AnswerHub, NVIDIA forums on this topic and after following numerous tutorials on how to get APX files imported to UE4 or HairWorks integration workflow, how to fork, clone, do crazy things on GitHub I am DAAAMN lost. I followed tutorials on YouTube, I have built many versions of UE4.sln.

I beg you for a step by step tutorial on how to:

1 Download what I need. (Every1 tells me to clone stuff and provides me with link)
2 Build what I need (did many builds on branches, repositories, now I am that lost I don’t even know what am I building.
3 Import APX succesfully to UE4.

Jezus Christ!

I’ve been trying to get the hairworks version of unreal for weeks not as well. I went to nvidia website and linked my account with get hub but there are no directions on where to get the build or how to download it. It sucks to because I know people read my post but no one wants to help. It almost feels like they dont want you to use hairworks.

good luck I gave up and started using autodesk sting ray.

Hola yo tambien quisiera saber si hay un tutorial que explique paso a paso como lograr que Hairworks funcione en unreal engine…! no se nada de C++

Hola, it’s very complicated. It took me 4 full days to figure out how to make it work. I will try to post a tutorial here soon.

hola…! gracias por fin ya logre hacerlo funcionar esta espectacular sin embargo un tutorial siempre ayudara a aquellos que no saben con lo mas basico

Hello, I’m stuck on how to get hairworks to work, did you ever do that tutorial?

mr.pabe plz help for hairwotks many person have problem give me easyway to use create hair hankyou

I’ve been trying to do the same and getting frustrated with the whole process. Right now I’m adding version 4.11.2 of UE to see if it works there. Someone on YT recommended this approach.