Hairworks in 3ds max for Unreal engine 4

I want to make a female hair style with hairworks in 3ds max for my UE4 game. But I didnt really find tutorials for hair I only found tutorials for fur.

I used this tutorial

But to make it look like Hair and not fur I used spines instead of the plane mesh in the tutorial.
I did it like this

Exapt that I did everything exactly the same like in the first video.
Here an image of my setup:

But when exporting as .apex I get the error: “There are not recognized Furs on the guide line node” and without mesh I can’t really export as .fbx too. But I could not manage to make it look like hair with mesh instead of spines. I was trying for many hours now and could not figure it out.

Can someone tell me how I am supposed to do it or point me to a tutorial witch explains how to make hair for UE 4 instead of fur?

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