HairWorks Collision shapes not showing

Hello all, so I am fairly new to HairWorks and all was going smoothly until I started setting up collisions. In Maya 2017: The hairworks was created successfully on the growth mesh and the guides assigned as well. I am trying to add collisions now under the HairWorks node (I’ve tried both under the guides and growth mesh) and when I select “add” under collisions and assign a bone nothing shows up? I get no errors and ‘Display Collision Spheres’ is checked on. I could very well be missing a step and I’m under quite a time crunch so any help would be great. Thanks!

Yup, there is strange bug with collisions in hairworks plugin for Maya. But here is a workaround:
1.Add collision to the root bone. Nothing will showup.
2. Now add collision to the bone you need to have collision. Voila, you will see a yellow collision sphere.

Edit: You will still have collision on the root bone. if you don’t need it, just set the radius to 0.1
Hope it helps =)