One of the things I find is really hard to nail down is realistic looking hair on character models. There are a lot of options out there to create character models like daz3d or mixamo but they are really let down by their hair mesh which makes the models look cheap so I’m requesting a good set of AAA hair mesh. Different styles for both men and women that can be used with your own models.

What makes it hard to do, is because you start from the scalp and different models dont have the same area, so the interest think would have pieces of scalp, where you can attach one to the other until you get a complete scalp you can attach to the model. It might work for long hair, but if might not work for a short one or semi-militar haircuts. I would like this too and Im not sure if anyone figured it out to become a selling asset. I might take a look on it in the few days and I will report back here. Who knows someone is working on this already.