Hair turns black when using hair shader model in 4.11

I have a hair model with three textures: baseColor, Opacity & Normal map. How do I use this new hair shader model? Can someone point me in the right direction? Just a quick and dirty explanation or an example of the material nodes.

I have 4.11 installed. When I switch to hair under shader model, it turns the hair black.

Here it is if i switch back to default lit:

I have a feeling the hair shader needs the masked blend mode.

Hi ,

Crow87 is right, you’ll want to use the Masked Blend Mode and Hair selected for the Shading Model.

You’ll also want to make use of the values for Scatter and Roughness for the best results. You can do a test with these by using constant values and a simple diffuse color plugged into your base color input.

Here are the values I used:

Scatter: You can use a constant 3 to get some control or a value of 0-1 with a single constant.
Roughness: 0.5

Set up a material instance and you can test quickly changing this values around to see what works best. With proper assets and more than my simple test you should be able to get somewhere with it more than my simple test.

I hope this helps until a properly documented example is released.


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Thanks. I will try this and post a screenshot as soon as I can. I’ll try to show the bare minimum material nodes required to make use of the new hair shader model based upon your information. cheers