Hair system

Hi Epic

(To characters that don’t have helmet on)
It could be nice if you implemented a hair system so it would be easier to get more realistic hair, like the hair system in the moddeling tool blender, without it would take to much of the system.

I would love it myself but i also think’s many other would love it because it’s takes so much time to make the hair and especially long hair

By the way UE4 is an awesome engine and i love it :3

There is some community effort on this:

But I agree, UE4 is in desperate need of a proper hair solution (rendering & simulation), it’s just frustrating at the moment.

I agree guys, it seems Epic has really dropped the ball so far, especially in light of the great work by Ehamloptiran in the link above in The_Distiller’s post and the Epic opportunity to blow even further past the other engines…

C’mon Epic! I need, I need, I want, I want! (in my best Bill Murray voice)

i need hair.