Hair planes physic animation

Hi guys,I have a question.
I’m now in the process of sculpting this hairs

and after that,I’m planning to retopology in max something like 10 different strands from that hairs sculpt,bake it down and rebuild the hairstyle in max repeating those 10 shapes a lot of times,so to have each hair strand as a separate hair card.

Now,question is,I can have that thing automatically reacting to character movement inside UE4,without having to manually animate the hair movement for the various animations? Like I want the whole hair mass following the head movement, the root of each hair card fixed in place while the rest of the hair cards has some kind of mass,so if my character where to quickly strafe to the right,the hair card will be kind of “compressed” a bit to the left,until the end of the movement where every hair card go back into place with a bit of bouncy effect,very subtle though.

Now,I saw this kind of behaviour in a video on youtube about spring bones used for an insect antennas,which basically gave that bouncy effect as a resoult of the head movement,and not manual animation.

So what are my option to have that kind of behaviour inside UE4?Using this spring bones is the right way,and if yes,how many should be used to drive all those hair planes? I’ve also never animated yet so I’m a total begginner about the whole workflow,starting from rigging,I’m just collecting the information now so that I can plan the modeling phase accordingly and I will look into rigging and animation once the character lowpoly is finished.
For now,I wish that you guys can help me understand better what I will have to do in order to make it work as I want inside UE4 :slight_smile: