Hair physics via bone ragdoll?

Hey everyone,

I have a specific character model with modeled hair, and I want to apply hair physics. Problem is, they way the art style is set up, traditional hair simulation won’t work!

What I want to do is rig the hair via bones, but then have it apply ‘ragdoll’ physics while the rest of the rig is animated traditionally. Could anyone help me out and point me in the right direction to a tutorial or some documentation? I would really appreciate it!


You could do that, however looking at your hair it doesn’t look like that will work. The modeling is an issue, but also for something to use a bone type rig you would want to use that for like a ponytail or something like that where it’s similar to the shape of the bones

I have the hair model rigged, it works fine :slight_smile:

If you open the ragdoll up in PhAT you should be able to set the type of each body in the ragdoll. There are three values: default, kinematic, simulated.
Simulated will always simulate regardless of whether the skeletal mesh is animating. If you set the bodies of the hair to be simulated this should do what you want, and you can preview it in PhAT by selecting an animation and hitting play.

Check out this tutorial: