Hair physics problem 4.27

sorry if i’m not posting in the correct place and if my english results too poor.
I’m new in unreal editor (4.27) and I being slowly solving the probelms that I found in my project but I’ve found a wall.

I got the hair imported form blender, simple particle system, and i have created a binding with the model. The problem is that it doesn’t matters how i set up the physics for the groom , the hair still moves jumping oddly and loosing its offset. Got this video showing the problem . Thanks for your time.

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I have the same problem (the Alembic is from Blender 2.93).
When I import the Alembic and create the binding everything is fine… but when I set the groom component to the blueprint of the third person dummy, the hair has a strange offset and only after a restart of the UE editor (version 4.27.2), the hair is in the right position.
Then there’s the physics problem. Activating the default preset creates strange interactions and glitches. I’ve changed the Niagara solver from Groom Spings to Groom Rods and the simulation has improved but the interpenetrations and weird hair stretching when walking or running remained.
Have you made any improvements since you published the post or found any other solutions?
I followed this tutorial but it’s almost a year old.

I attach my test.

Sorry, nop. I´ve been trying to make some mesh hair an applying cloth simulations, Because I gave up trying to make a decent physics simulation on short hair. The characters with short won’t have any simulation. I’m going forward on the project and if I have some time in the future I’ll give it another try.

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Ok, thanks for the reply.
If i can find any solution i will post it here.

I’m having some similar problems importing a character with long hair from iClone7 to UE4.27. The hair just goes crazy and blows like it’s in a tornado.

This link helped me, maybe you can ‘paint’ out some of the motion.