Hi. I really need help at this. I am trying to get an hair simulation like Gravity rush game.

I dont know how to get something similar. There isnt a tutorial for hairs that arent a simple plane with texture. I have a fully 3D model, its not a plane and i want it to simulate hair physics. If I use unreal cloth tool it doesnt works because its not a 3D plane and it mess up all!
I dont know if I can just add bones to each hair stripe and do a hard work with ue4 bone physics simulation.
I am exausted and desesperated, please help me.

I attach images, one of them is gravity rush 3D models for the air and the others are my WIP example hair model with ue4 paint cloth simulation. The hair is not going all the way down with gravity, it just stick there and goes down a bit, but I dont know why it doesnt go straight down when i paint the vertices like some cloth tutorials I saw where they put a vertical plane and they paint vertices, and when it simulates the plane goes all the way down.

Solved by myself. Thanks all for the super help :slight_smile:

Just curious. How did you solve your problem?

Hi Ensalado. I’m just having the same problem, and I also started working with cloth. Does it works with clothes or you finally made it using bones?

Thank you very much:)

Also curious. How did you solve it?