Hair on Paragon character going ballistic during render

The hair on a Paragon character is flipping out during Render. Is there anyway to adjust this? Apologies if this is an obvious answer. Thanks

Here is an example:(Sequencer - Google Drive)


So I figured out part of what seems to be causing the problem. For starters I can disable cloth simulation in the character details which will prevent the hair fluttering during render, although thats not a good solution because it looks stiff and un-natural.

The root cause of this seems to be the ā€˜Anti-aliasingā€™ settings in the Movie Render Queue, specifically the ā€˜Temporal Sample Countā€™ which I have set to 8. During render, it seems that every time a Sub Sample is calculated, it resets the hair causing it to flop down. Without ā€˜Anti-aliasingā€™ enabled, once the render starts, the hair flops down initially but settles and looks normal the rest of the render.

So my question is, is there any known workaround to render with ā€œAnti-aliasingā€™ enabled and not have the ā€œSub Sampleā€ calculations keep resetting the hair on every frame? Thanks!

Example of render with Anti-Aliasing:

Example of render without:

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