Hair Loss: FBX import frustrations

New to UE4, coming from Unity, losing hair due to frustration when importing FBX models into UE4.

I’ve been assigned a simple task: Replace 400+ windows on a ready-made town with buildings. Simply insert the provided models of windows from an FBX file into the current window places on each building. “I can do this! Said I…”

Fast forward 10+ hours later… I have two issues.

  1. I import the single FBX file into my project. If I do not choose “Import as Skeletal” the the FBX opens as a single asset, with the 10 versions of each window piece fully intact, albeit, all are one piece, and not separately usable.

  2. If upon import, I choose the option for “import as skeletal” it break the windows models into their individual pieces. Now, I have pieces of everything… I could put the door handles on top of the doors and align the frames with the doors, but another issue arises: I drag the piece of the door onto the scene, and the piece appears in the scene, but far away from the transform/rotation/scale items. It’s so far away, that I have to zoom out of the town, where the transform gadget appears, in order to find the actual object itself… Usually in my past experience, the object is right with the transform gadget and easily moveable…

Are there any solutions to the above issues? Is it simply the models creation settings that have caused them to be so messed up when imported?

Thanks for any guidance or links to read that you can provide.