Hair in UE4!!

Hi fellas, My name’s , I’m 16, from India… I am trying to export Hair from 3ds Max to UE4… I used “Hair & Fur” modifier to export it into Hairworks so I can open it in UE4… But in Hairworks, When import my FBX and APX the hair doesn’t stick to the mesh… So I tried ALOT of Plug-ins… Ornatrix / HairFarm but nothing works… Please help me… It comes like this when I import the stuff in HairWorks (Screenshot below)… The video tutorials in YouTube for HairWorks exporting and those stuff suck!! I mean it’s not clear! Sorry for my aggressiveness but it took me 2 weeks for trying all Hair stuff in 3ds max!. The second pic is the Final result that I had in 3ds max! It’s an Educational Cinematic Project for personal… Please help me!!!

LOVE for UE4 !


You know that’s the Architectural Visualisation forum right ? Ask about your hair problem in the Rendering section for more changes to have an answer.