Hair Groom help

Hello everyone,
I modeled/rigged/animated a character in Maya and tried out the xgen hair experimental thing in Unreal. I’m still pretty new to Unreal so I was hoping I could get some help with a few questions.

First I cant get the hair to interact with the mesh, so in most animations it starts cutting into the character’s back. I see the collision tab under the groom settings in blueprint, but switching them all on and off doesn’t seem to have any effect at all.

On the note of the question above, I previously tried out the Nvidia hairworks thing. It was a little problematic, but the hair would “sim” when in unreal and you could set wind parameters if you wanted. Can we do that with this or is it just locked in?

And also I cant find a way to make the hair cast sshadows on itself and the model. So I end up seeing directly down to her scalp too easily. I also see a lighting tab with a ton of shadows options in the groom settings, but again nothing seems to change if I switch things on and off.

Thanks for any help! If it helps I would gladly share my screen in a skype call if you think it would help by looking at it.

Thanks yeah I found the documentiation to add the niagara effects node to the groom to get it to sim. I think it is after that where I hit the wall of it being experimental. Unreal starts to crash non stop until I remove it. Plus I get some wonky results.

how to apply texture on groom like tiger


I only started yesterday to play with the groom, i used blender to make the hair and got it working in unreal until the physics part like you. The issue is indeed the physics collision shapes in the skeletal mesh and i had to remake mine to get the desired result. However it is still only a workaround in my eyes, as it should be possible for hair to directly interact with the mesh to get best results.

The first video shows the issue i faced with wonky collisions:

and this was my setup:

And the new Head physics setup looks like this:

…it will take a bit of tweaking until its “right”.

The current state looks like this now:

It still needs a long way to go for it to look right and as i said best scenario would be if it collides straight with the mesh itself.

I also tried custom physics from a static head mesh, but this didn’t seam to work at all.

What also doesn’t help, that UE4 is crashing quite frequently while experimenting with the Groom.

Does you bind to skeleton work at all? As soon as i tick that box, mine crashes, every time…

I never thought to fix my physics asset and of course those spheres and capsules on her head were massive! Thanks! My project was locked up a long time ago and wont let me open it so I’m reimporting everything now to set it up and see how it goes. Funny thing is that even where you said yours was messed up it looked a million times better than mine did. I’m also switching to 4.25 now in hopes that it does permacrash my project when I include the hair haha.