Hair flying around on animated character when I tick "bind groom to skeleton"

I had posted this in another forum here, but I think this is the place where this should go. Hello, I am trying hair and I followed the instructions on the quick start guide. However, I see this happening when I tick the “Bind groom to skeleton” option. It’s like the hair is duplicated and flies around (as seen on the video). Am I missing something? Anyone knows why is this happening?


I am having the exact same issue, and can’t find anything in regard to a solution. I have found that it is easier to position when no animation is applied to the mannequin, so that is where I skin to mesh. Then, when I apply animation, it does exactly what is shown in your video. I also get frequent crashes. Using latest engine version, and have sent multiple crash reports.

if you want to bind to mesh, make sure the UV of the mesh is clean. And when parenting groom under a character parent to world or non otherwise it will double transform.

I get this too. It looks like it is due to the groom being bound to the wrong joints like this. I don’t know how to fix it.

Hello all. I had not visited the forum for a while, but I found a solution a few days ago that may or may not work for you. I made the hair on a scalp that was a copy of the original character’s head (so, in Maya, which is the software I’m using, the groom was placed directly on top of the character’s head). Then, I exported the character and then the hair. I imported the hair using X rotation as 90 and Y rotation as 180 (the hair was being imported with wrong rotations even if the character had the correct rotations).

Then, I did NOT add the hair to the character as a child. Instead, I added a groom component to the character itself, and set the groom as the Groom Asset, and turned on bind groom to skeletal mesh. When I played back my animation, the hair followed the character as it was supposed to do.

I hope this helps.

Not that I know what the actual issue is, BUT generally when something jumps around the issue is collision.

specifically since you are binding the groom the the mesh collision may be the issue here.

For it to react to the character it needs to be set to block on the same channel as the mesh.
The mesh is normally set as a pawn, the capsule is set as pawn as well though with different settings for it.

I would look into that to figure out how or what the groom’s are set to respond to by default. Make changes to the mesh based on that - and maybe to the capsule too.

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