Hair Cards not available for some hairstyle?

I’ve imported Aoi and some other characters in my scene, and since I’m working in VR, I disabled grooms by using the “HairStrands.Strands 0” so that the hair cards will show up.
I notice that for some hair styles the cards are not showing up at all, like on Aoi, Kristopher and Myles, while for female characters, the hair cards are showing up.

The weird things is that with Aoi, the hair and beard are long, length of the hair is similar to the one of a woman, but again, the cards won’t show up.

So is this related to the MetaHuman having only the grooms but no cards?
Or is there something wrong somewhere else?

This isn’t a bug - some grooms do not have cards available as they’re in development; they have LOD 0 and 1 only. When you’re in Creator, there is an icon on any hairstyle that does not have this (small yellow triangle with an exclamation mark).

In Bridge, there is a little warning on the character’s info panel - "This MetaHuman uses grooms only available at LODs 0 & 1.

So if you’ve picked a preset or chosen a hairstyle with this warning, the cards won’t be available.

Thanks for the clarification, I’ll notice the yellow triangle next time :wink: