HainTytje Games - Final Project - Game Design 2014 - Noroff Trondheim

Hello everyone, as we are nearing delivery date I put together a little piece to show off what we have been doing the last 6 months.
We’re a team of 4 people who went to the second year in Noroff Trondheim, game design. In the middle of the project UE4 came out so we quickly made the switch and this is our result of our hard work:

Playable game soon to be released (after delivery and some final optimization after that)

I hate to be a **** about it but this isn’t a “release project” until it is “released” so it belongs in the work in progress forum. With that being said, it looks pretty good. I would try to added an animation when the AI get hit though.

It will never be released anywhere but on dropbox or mediafire or something like that because its a school project not something commercial. And its already out there, I haven’t linked here yet.