HacknPlan 1.0 has been released

Hi there,

After more than 1 year and a half in beta, HacknPlan finally hit version 1.0!

We have many users from this forum, but for those who don’t know us, HacknPlan is a web application that combines project management with game design documentation. You can build your design specs in a structured way and link tasks to them; this way the design docs get extra info like progress, metrics… and related tasks have something that groups them together in a meaningful way.

We provide a 100% free plan for everyone to use, and also 2 premium plans with advanced features which can also be evaluated for 2 weeks.

Some notes about the release: hacknplan.com/hacknplan-1-released


I have been using HackNPlan for some months now for my project. It is indeed very helpful! Grats on release!

One question, whenever I open my Project it opens in the Backlog rather than the current Milestone I am working on.

And oen question. WHat is a feature of HackNPlan that you are very proud of and think is super useful, but people arent really aware?



You can mark the current milestone you are working on as default. Go to your milestone list on the summary page and click on the star icon at the left of the milestone title.

About the features of HacknPlan, probably the Game Design Model is the most useful one that some people don’t use. I’m not sure if they don’t find it useful or just don’t understand it, but the fact is having the design of your game integrated with your tasks make everything more coherent and the information you get is super useful. I would also say the task dependencies are great; visually spotting which tasks are blocked by the completion of others helps a lot detecting bottlenecks and other issues.

I just got put onto hacknplan the other day (thanks DizcoDev).

Short short version: It’s GREAT!

(And I’m super fussy about PM stuff)

I do have two feature requests (I’m assuming LunarKingdom is a hacknplan dev/rep):

  1. Burn down charts like in Taiga
  2. Stopwatch for tasks (would make logging work easier)

Ah, and now I see there is a time tracker feature in the paid plans :slight_smile:

Oh noes!

Not being able to customize the kanban columns is a show stopper for me :frowning:

I use this to design and manage workflows!

I understand, we plan to add support for that soon. About time tracker and burndown charts, both are included in premium plans.

Yah I signed up for the trial today. I won’t be able to afford the paid plans for my project (eden) but work will be able to for our work projects.

Good news about the column customization!

Further on kanban customization, it would be awesome if each category could have different columns (i.e. code / art etc).

At work I code and my colleague arts, we often run separate projects (we been using taiga) so we can each visualize our progress through our (different) workflows.

Be great if we could be working in the same project (in our PM software).

Indeed, we plan to allow the column customization per category, if we make it dynamic we do it right! :slight_smile:


This looks Awesome. Signed Up! Do you guys offer an Affiliate Program?

Hi! We don’t have an official affiliate program yet, but if you have something in mind just contact us, we are always open to hear ideas and collaboration offers :slight_smile: