Hacking UE4 network protocol

Hey all,

What I need to do is exchanging informations before map is loaded on the client (during the preconnection system right after NMT_Hello packet is sent). All of that without source engine code change.
To do that I arrived to create custom control message packets, I also arrived to hack the server and redirect the FNetworkNotify to my GameInstance class. This way I can handle serverside messages.

My problem is on the client. There is a class called UPendingNetGame that cannot be referenced anywhere inside a game module (you get tons and tons of LNK2019 and LNK2001), so I’m asking how can I override the NotifyControlMessage of UPendingNetGame without the compiler complaining about LNK errors ?

I tried many ways but I come to the question : How did you manage to get such behaviour to block access to this class Epic Games ?

I know I can do my own protocol, but I would like to not purely unimplement UE4 networking. You’re giving us a great protocol, but you’re adding tons and tons of securities to limit our usage of this protocol, removing it’s flexibility, why ? Why would you want us to make our own protocol ?